Haywire Slot Machine Popularity

Haywire slot machines are infamous for being some of the most innovative gambling mechanisms in online casino, and they are currently neck and neck with other slot machines also made by IGT. Rated the third most popular slot machines in the industry, Haywire slots are considered to be the most successful.

Machine Structure

The structure and set up for the Haywire slot machine is quite simple. It consists of one line with three reels. Though this is a standard set up from Gaming software, the reason it is so popular has to do with its unique second chance option; if you are able to match the first two reels, you are rewarded with the possibility of spinning the third wheel for a second time to see if there is an additional payout. This second chance drastically increases the ratio to win which makes for more satisfied customers and more repeat users.

Machine Variations

The variations of Haywire slot machines can range from paying five cents a game up to $10.00. The more you pay the Online Payment, the higher the possible jackpot. To increase the chances of getting the jackpot, Haywire has created combinations where you can utilize its double option via the 2x symbol. This option allows you to double the cash back when you get two Haywire symbols at the same time. The bonus will quadruple the winnings and is a trademark function on similar IGT games.

Having such options as the 2x symbol, the higher ratio of winners, and classic slots for those who like to stay true to the roots is what keeps IGT players happy. Happy users are more likely to be repeat users, and right technique is one of the key reasons why the Haywire slot machines are so popular.